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Case Study

Doubling Twisted Thread's Revenue

The Challenge

Twisted Thread hadn’t yet realised the potential of the ‘fan experience’ by actively targeting concert goers. With Guns N Roses coming to NZ, Web Antler used this opportunity to drive growth and create a campaign that would serve as a template for future concerts. Through a collaborative approach between the client and Web Antler’s services, Twisted Thread can now focus on higher revenue goals in the coming year mapped out against key dates

Twisted Threads revenue doubled during the campaign period and recorded a 50% higher ROAS than targeted.

​​Twisted Thread have been delivering official band merchandise to kiwis for 5 years, mainly focused on fans in the rock and metal genres. Big sellers typically being the classics; Metallica, Iron Maiden and AC/DC. These are passionate fans that love to represent them by wearing their merch. However, it’s rare for these bands to come to New Zealand, so when Guns N Roses were confirmed to come, it was an opportunity too good to miss. There was a huge amount of buzz around the shows being one of the biggest rock bands of all time, and potentially the last time we could see them here. Web Antler leveraged the wave of interest and attention using a combination of SEM and SEO to generate the biggest month ever for Twisted Thread!

With two huge shows set for Wellington and Auckland, Twisted Thread were expecting a short sharp demand from fans keen to wear favourite bands t shirts to the concert. This would be Twisted Threads largest campaign to date, and a considerable risk to invest into a first time multi-channel strategy with no historic data to lean on.

Supercharged Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns Results

GNR Campaign Promotion 2022 Achieved

Lift in website traffic from the same period the previous year


Increase in revenue from the same period the previous year


Increase in transactions from the same period the previous year

Web Antler focused on developing a campaign utilising multiple tactics within channels where we could clearly identify the audience with the aim to get Twisted Thread in front of this ‘primed’ audience and show the range of GNR merchandise available. This meant using Google; Performance Max, Dynamic Search Ads and Facebook; Video and Static Image Ads.

Supercharged SEO

The approach to organic was to make Twisted Thread the key source for all information relating to the concert event, i.e. information about the band and the Auckland and Wellington concerts, what can you take, facilities on site, what's prohibited and parking. Also part of the organic campaign was including SEO-optimised, keyword-relevant images to drive visibility and traffic.

#1 Google - Search "Guns n Roses NZ"

#1 Google - Search "Guns n roses t shirts"

Supercharged Facebook Ads

Facebook ads were a critical factor in the success of the Guns N' Roses concert. The targeted advertising approach allowed us to reach the desired audience and generate interest in the event and relevant merch. The ability to use demographic and behavioral data to reach specific groups of people made the ads highly effective in driving sales. Additionally, the use of visually appealing and impactful video in the ads created a sense of excitement and anticipation for the event, further driving product sales. Ultimately, the use of Facebook ads was a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and drive results for the Guns N' Roses concert. 

Beyond Expectations

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