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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a specialist skillset required for improving a brand’s website and “relevancy factors” in a way that Google prefers, with the end goal of ranking higher on the results page.

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The Google search engine is a powerful portal that brands cannot ignore

Ranking on Page 1 on Google is paramount for being found and for driving significant website traffic

On the first page alone, the first 5 results account for 67.60% of all the clicks.


83% of shoppers who visited a store in the last week say the used Google search before making a purchasing decision.

Search Engine Optimisation Services

Keyword Research

Pivotal research to understand what users are really searching for before they reach your website. The highest demand keywords help shape the architecture of your site and the content on your site, allowing for maximum effectiveness for both Google Rankings and also User Experience.

Google Search Intent Strategy

This will identify strategic themes of search intent, for the purposes of expanding the website content and further leverage the ability of Google Ads. This may uncover the requirement for new page development, landing pages, blog content etc.

SEO Website Audits

One of the most important projects that needs to be carried out for websites new to SEO to ensure maximum ranking capabilities on Google. Prevent and protect your website from being penalised by Google. Ensure all pages are being indexed correctly by Google.

Monthly SEO Resources

Specialist ongoing optimisation and practical application of your keyword strategy. This will involve the expansion of website page, content and sections. Ongoing keyword trends and insight will feed into this to ensure the most relevant and timely content is created. All content will adhere to the highest SEO standards.

Demystifying SEO

Our expertise enables your business to reach its maximum potential on the Google Search engine.

Will SEO create immediate results?

The immediate benefit of SEO is an improvement in “relevancy factors” which is centred around improving user experience (which should be an existing priority for your brand). In turn, Google rewards the correct use of relevancy factors with higher rankings. The “rewards” can take months before they are tangible. In this very sense, SEO should be viewed as a long term strategic benefit for your organisation (and its users) and not for driving instantaneous results over night (Google Search Ads would be better suited).

How can I tell if SEO is really working?

SEO can be tracked, measured and reported on. Our tools can track specific keywords on Google and the position that your website ranks on these keywords. We are able to report on the changes in your keyword rankings. In turn, we can see measure the lift in organic traffic to your site. Over time you will begin to see the ongoing lift in organic (free) traffic coming to your website.

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