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Case Study

M2X - Gaining a Foothold in the US Market with SEO

The Challenge

M2X, an innovative Kiwi Transport Management System (TMS) startup, aspired to penetrate and gain credibility and visibility in the highly specialised U.S. agricultural sector, amidst established competitors.

Ranking number #1 across their six agricultural sectors.  Going after niche industry terms improving rankings, demonstrating the effectiveness of our organic search strategy. 

M2X, a Transport Management Solutions innovator from New Zealand, was determined to establish a foothold in the highly competitive United States agricultural transport sector. Despite offering specialized services to primary industries, their uniform approach to content strategy across different markets was impeding visibility on the search engine. The website did not conform to technical SEO best practices, lacked international SEO implementation, and did not feature a blog engine, hampering content production.

Addressing this, Web Antler devised a targeted U.S. approach to take on established TMS players by tailoring tactics to dominate six agricultural sectors. This commenced with U.S. specific audit and evolved into the integration of US-specific content, i.e. testimonial videos. This further strengthened our SEO position and enhanced our market visibility, emphasising its local relevance.

Our solution effectively leveraged localised keyword research, technical SEO, international SEO and content development to position M2X in front of their intended audience. This was supplemented with on-page SEO tactics to secure the top rankings.

Moving forward we are regularly identifying new industry trends to align with our content strategy and are integrating our SEO efforts with user experience enhancements. These will be the key aspects in maintaining long-term success within the U.S..

Earning the coveted #1 spot in search

Our bespoke approach, coupled with our on-page SEO tactics and a dynamic blogging strategy, propelled M2X to the forefront of search results.

Surge in search appearances


Boost in clicks


Conversion Rate from Organic Traffic

We're continuing to see success in a typically saturated and competitive market.

#1 Google Rank USA:

  • milk transportation optimisation

  • dairy transportation optimisation

  • dairy transportation management system

  • agriculture transportation management system

  • livestock transportation optimisation

#2 Google Rank USA:

  • cattle transportation management system

  • livestock transport management system

  • forestry transportation management system

  • livestock transportation optimisation

Supercharging results in the USA