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Lifting Barkers ROAS 164% Despite IOS Restrictions

Barkers Clothing are ahead of the curve with their fashion and wanted to apply that same approach to their advertising too. Web Antler had identified early on that they were missing out on reaching an increasing percentage of their core consumers, due to cookieless devices and experiences. 

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M2X - Gaining a Foothold in the US Market with SEO

M2X, an innovative Kiwi Transport Management System (TMS) startup, aspired to penetrate and gain credibility and visibility in the highly specialised U.S. agricultural sector, amidst established competitors.

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(From 0 to 6,500) Fueling KORA's Lead Growth in Competitive Market

Navigating a cluttered fuel card market with limited resources and a complex customer journey was not an easy task for KORA.

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Doubling Twisted Thread's Revenue

Shooting through revenue targets for Twisted Thread by harnessing demand for Guns N Roses merchandise.

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Scaling an investment firm’s results by 300% per month within 12 months

Web Antler was engaged with a brief of obtaining 5 x the current number of monthly info pack requests within 12 months. Prior to Web Antler their online performance had stagnated with a low number of info pack requests being generated from the website.

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Tripling Kora’s website conversion rates by better understanding the customer

As blood, sweat and… money are poured into getting users to a website, how much effort is put into ensuring users actually convert? Web Antler applied CRO practises as part of the marketing and media plan to look at the whole user experience from first touch to last.

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How KORA now converts over 150 new customers each month thanks to SEO

Entering the SEO arena, KORA faced stiff competition from two established brands bearing its name and massive players in the fuel card industry. This wasn't just about standing out but clawing its way up against giants with enormous budgets.

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Google Shopping Ads lead to 263% increase in online revenue

Find out how we drove exceptional revenue for Barkers despite peak competition during the busiest retail season of the year.

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SEO brings a billionaire’s brand down to earth, Gravity Internet became a search star!

How does a small NZ company take on two global brands (Elon and Starlink) that dominate conversation when it comes to Satellite Internet and outrank them on brand terms in 2021?

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