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Case Study

Tripling Kora’s website conversion rates by better understanding the customer

The Challenge

Not only does Kora have a proposition that has to be explained, it’s a relatively new brand in the market and a card can only be obtained by getting through the application process on the website (fuel retailers won’t have it in store). In addition to that, its target is both B2B and B2C. Web Antler were initially briefed to drive awareness with heavy promotional messaging of fuel giveaways and sharp discounts on everyday fuel prices. However, sign ups were still expected, which during the initial campaign period had an average application complete rate of 2%, thus the focus needed to be turned toward what was happening once users landed on the website.

As blood, sweat and… money are poured into getting users to a website, how much effort is put into ensuring users actually convert? Web Antler applied CRO practises as part of the marketing and media plan to look at the whole user experience from first touch to last.

Kora is a fuel card company offering kiwis a better way to buy petrol or diesel. They were entering an already crowded market space back at the start of 2021, with retailer driven initiatives, low barriers to use and of course lockdowns! Everyone knows what a fuel card is and how it operates, right? Wrong! This isn’t your everyday fuel card. Kora members can use the card as much as they like to trigger discounts at the pump and receive one handy invoice to pay at the end of each month. In order to do this, each member has to be credit checked, so it is an application process for an account, rather than a simple loyalty card you can pick up anytime.

From the outset, Web Antler had ensured that website optimisation was in the plan alongside the media. After building out the foundational aspects of SEO best practices, the team focused on data analysis and heat mapping to better understand how customers were engaging on the site. The initial stages of website optimisation led to developing testing to simplify and make the proposition clearer for users getting stuck and leaving.

The website Conversion Rate tripled to 6%.

Deployment of our recommendations had immediate results

Lift in Average Pages per User


Increase in Average User Duration


Website Bounce Rate

That means that every user that visits the KORA website is now 3x more likely to sign up to become a member!

Supercharging KORA's Website

Our CRO activity led to an incredible outcome. Within a month of the landing page changes to the website; the conversion rate for application completes tripled from 2% to 6%.

CEO ecstatic about CRO results

Interested in optimising your website for better conversion results?

Interested in optimising your website for better conversion results?

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