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Case Study

Lifting Barkers ROAS 164% Despite IOS Restrictions

The Challenge

Barkers Clothing are ahead of the curve with their fashion and wanted to apply that same approach to their advertising too. Web Antler had identified early on that they were missing out on reaching an increasing percentage of their core consumers, due to mounting restrictions from device iOS privacy updates and Web Browsers ongoing removal of cookie functionality. 

Cookieless Programmatic Ads Surpassed Expectations

We achieved massive Year on Year performance gains by serving ads with enhanced technology that would have otherwise been blocked by cookie functionality or device privacy

Decrease in CPM


Increase in ROAS


Increase in Conversion Rate

Web Antler has successfully future proofed Barkers programmatic performance

Increasing ROAS by 164% using cookieless programmatic across quality sites with low competition.

Barkers Clothing is well-known for its high-quality men's fashion and classic style. They have been a staple of many kiwi men's wardrobes for years, however, being in a highly competitive fashion market means constantly battling new and established brands for share of wallet.  Web Antler is always looking for new channels to utilise and test in a responsible way for clients. Although the ad industry has talked for several years about cookie degradation and the dreaded "cookie-apocalypse", most have been slow to act and been overly reliant on its use to track and advertise to online users. At the time of consideration, more than 50% of NZ's online ad inventory was cookieless, now it's much more! After extensive research into the options and building out the business case for the Barkers brand; in March 2023 we went live with cookieless programmatic.  

Throughout the campaign, we balanced optimisation of where ads were placed with allowing the platform to learn and increase in efficacy. Comprehensive data analysis and targeted audience segmentation also helped to drive improved results during this time. We significantly expanded our reach, increased ROAS, all while driving down CPM costs. Looking ahead, we remain committed to staying at the forefront of industry changes, continuously refining our strategies to ensure sustained success. This involves closely monitoring emerging trends and integrating our advertising efforts with user-centric enhancements. These ongoing optimisations will play a pivotal role in Barkers Clothing's continued growth  within the New Zealand market.

Driving revenue from new channels in the local market

Talk to us about cookieless programmatic ads

Talk to us about cookieless programmatic ads

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