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Case Study

Scaling an investment firm’s results by 300% per month within 12 months

The Challenge

Our client provides retail investors an opportunity to invest in their fund, which provides mortgage secured loans to part of the property sector. Prior to Web Antler their online performance had stagnated with a low number of info pack requests being generated from the website. They had always had confidence in their ability to convert potential investors once they were sent an info pack. To generate better results they needed to understand who the users were that requested a pack and their likelihood to convert. Web Antler was engaged with a brief of obtaining 5 x the current number of monthly info pack requests within 12 months. 

Web Antler exceeded this goal, achieving 30x the number of new investor requests, from performance channels within 10 months.

Web Antler set out a strategy to first look at what building blocks needed to be put in place to build out a comprehensive picture of their target audience and what channels they engage with best.  A data analysis project was conducted to answer two questions; who is likely to request a pack and who will apply.  The initial findings defined not only the age but also the location of interested parties. Further analysis informed what behaviour their investors exhibited and the decision-making process they went through. Web Antler and the client now had a clearer audience profile and could target a specific type of investor. 

For Web Antler to meet the required goals, it put in place additional tracking and worked with the client on their CRM system and was able to leverage the data from it back into Google Analytics and Google Ads. This was part of working with the client to have an agreed measurement framework to speed up the decision-making process and allow Web Antler to scale campaigns quickly across channels.  This informed an approach to prioritise higher converting regions and demographics as they are more likely to turn into applicants. 

New investors at record volumes

Web Antler used data-led channel recommendations that challenged the client’s perceptions of what could be possible to reach their ideal audience.

Growth in leads in the first 2 months alone


Lift in investor requests by month 6


Lift in investor requests by month 10

Now that all key results have been achieved across core channels; the client is looking to further scale through the use of programmatic and trial other channels using the similar targeting till it reaches a point of diminishing returns, relevant to investment.

Smashing every 'typical agency' stereo type

The client is now embracing using other channels to extend its reach as long as it aligns with its audience targeting. The ability to buy inventory on sites like Stuff, NZ Herald and Newshub drove the decision to move into programmatic with an insight from the data analysis project recommending to consider media buys across top news sites and other affluent business environments.

In addition to this; Web Antler is following through on its blueprint for the client’s digital media and how they can future-proof the campaigns through a creative testing framework. Working with the client and other partners to build out all creative and design elements along the user journey (including on-site).

Finally found an agency that works

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