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Case Study

How KORA now converts over 150 new customers each month thanks to SEO

The Challenge

Stepping into the SEO Coliseum, KORA was surrounded by daunting adversaries on every flank. This wasn't mere SEO. This was a quest to scale the cliffs of competitive Google Rankings in 2023. 

What We Did

KORA entrusted Web Antler to helm this epic ascent against 4 Giants.

1. Brand Name Showdown: Already well established were two seasoned champions with the KORA title — Kora (the Band) and Kora (Cosmetics) — each with a prior claim to the 'Kora' search spotlight.

2. Fuel Card Titans: Towering over the marketplace were the fuel card behemoths, armed with colossal budgets and reputations to match.

3. The Underdog's Arsenal: In stark contrast, KORA had just the resources of a fledgling startup.

4. A Two-Front War: We were to captivate both the B2B and B2C sectors in this high-stakes contest.

SEO Impact in Numbers

KORA's Rise in the Digital Landscape

Increase in Organic Users Year on Year


Lift in Yearly Applications


Monthly Searches Now Feature KORA

Through a strategic and relentless approach to SEO, we've taken KORA from being a newcomer to a dominant player, proving that even in a saturated market, with the right techniques and expertise, any brand can achieve top ranks and outstanding growth.

Brand Name Showdown Success

Our SEO technical and onpage best practice saw us overtake Miranda Kir's KORA Cosmetics brand. Then through business profile development and authority building exercises were were able to take on KORA the band that had been long established as the dominant player for 10+ years. The end result was higher than Wikipedia. A huge success. 

Fuel Card Titans Toppled

Google Rank #1 "fuel cards for personal use nz"

Google Rank #1 "personal fuel card nz"

Google Rank #3 "fuel savings nz"

Google Rank #2 "buy now pay later petrol nz"

Google Rank #5 "best fuel savings card"

Rich Results for B2B

Google Rank #1 "fuel card for self employed"

Google Rank #4 "sme fuel card"

Google Rank #5 "fuel card for small business"

CEO Proud of Our SEO

Interested in reaping the benefits from SEO?

Interested in reaping the benefits from SEO?

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