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18 Jan 2024 • 1 min read

Successful ending for 2023’s events with Semi Permanent Aotearoa

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From November 8 to 10, a mainstay in the creative and design calendar, the stage was set in Wellington for Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023. With a line of speakers coming from all over the globe and are the leaders in their field at companies such as Adidas, The New York Times and our very own Weta Workshop. For thousands of attendees from across the Asia Pacific region, this is three full-on days of keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses. Tasked with promoting the festival and driving ticket sales, Web Antler was able to build upon this and previous year's work across Australian, New Zealand and now Singaporean events with ever-evolving digital marketing campaigns.

Semi Permanent Aotearoa attendees lining up to get in
Semi Permanent Aotearoa attendees lining up to get in

Web Antler kicked off by partnering with Ticketmaster to lay the groundwork for purchase conversion tracking on the website. Despite compatibility challenges with some platforms, our drive has been able to demonstrate proven revenue results from any promotional activity.

A month-long awareness campaign swept through Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch before narrowing its focus to Wellington in the final stretch to capture search demand generated by promotional activities.

Semi Permanent’s focus on the creative and design communities allows Web Antler to showcase its versatility in utilising a wide ranging approach to the ad platforms used such as Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Programmatic Advertising, Demand Generation Campaigns, and Google Search Ads. Wellington was at the forefront, supported by Auckland and Christchurch, targeting industries like Art, Design, Digital & Technology, Fashion & Beauty, and Sustainability.

Attendees enjoying quality content at Semi Permanent Aotearoa
Attendees enjoying quality content at Semi Permanent Aotearoa

While the digital campaign wasn't without its challenges, Web Antler were able to reduce the average cost per click, allowing for increased site visits. Our agency's focus on engagement and user behaviour underscored the strategic thinking that underpinned the campaign.

As the curtain falls on another successful event for Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023, Web Antler's has enjoyed the opportunity to showcase its expertise in the digital marketing arena. The agency's strategic manoeuvres, industry-focused approach, and adept handling that knows how to drive tangible results for Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023.