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Web Antler delivers top-tier Google AdWords services.

Our team of practitioners are ready to help your business. Because we all have large media agency backgrounds, we can deliver you unparalleled expertise that other shops cannot. Our specialists are an optimum fit for mid-sized NZ Businesses, and those looking to expand into the Australian market or other English-speaking countries.

Amazing AdWord Managers get Amazing Results


Dont Gamble

An amateur managing an account is like investing your marketing budget into the pokies and hoping for the best.


Invest Wisely

A professionally managed Google Ads accounts is like operating a cash machine that prints money for your business.

Google AdWords Management Company with a Secret

Web Antler talent offers some of the most in-depth experience in New Zealand. We’ve worked in Auckland’s largest Google AdWords agencies and have worked directly with Google New Zealand. Our core team members are known in the industry for revolutionising accounts for brands like Qantas, Spark, BMW, Skinny Mobile, AMP, Fisher Funds, Tower Insurance, AA Insurance, The Warehouse, The Market, NEON, SKYTV and more…

“We’ve managed millions in ad spend”

Now this expertise is available to you, ready to be invested into your Google Ads accounts.


Leverage us to your advantage

  • Expert Resource

    Our practitioners have spent years crafting their skills in Google Ads. This gives your business expert resource to help you scale.

  • Strategic Thinking

    Advanced knowledge that will help you navigate the fiercely competitive and ever-evolving search engine landscape.

  • Proactive Recommendations

    We continually challenge your business to be pushing forward. We will advise you on the actions you need to be taking.

  • Rich Reporting

    Beautiful dashboards packed full of insights and actions. We pride ourselves on having the best reporting suite in New Zealand.

  • Big Results

    We deliver better performance results than any other shop in Auckland.

  • Certified Talent

    All our staff have proven qualifications and industry experience.

Google AdWords Management Services


Google Search Strategy

This is where we work closely with your brand to understand your business model and how Google Ads can be best leveraged to support your goals in both the short term and long term. Identifying a strategic direction for your account ensures that actions are scalable and in line with your long-term marketing plan.


Keyword Research & Intent Analysis

Our goal is to ensure your Google Ads account only has the optimum keywords and targeting criteria applied. We spend countless hours analysing hundreds (and often thousands) of keywords in order to hand-pick the best possible search keywords for your business. For every keyword, we analyse the user’s intentions behind the search query to ensure the optimum application of each keyword.


Account Builds (Ad Copy Writing)

We write keyword-optimised ads that will get you the best click costs and conversions results. Our writing utilises persuasion techniques proven from past campaigns. But we don’t stop there, we continually test multiple versions to improve your account and ensure it’s on the cutting edge of performance.


Bid Strategy Management

When it comes down to the dollars and cents being invested into your targeted keywords, it’s best to leave it to the experts. We’ve managed millions in Google Ad spend and know the best methods for driving the best return for your investment.


Reporting, Analysis and Insights

Don’t settle for some lousy shop that pumps out automated numbers and a bunch of vague comments. We ensure our clients are looked after. Our clients appreciate our market leading digital reporting dashboards and our proactive recommendations each month.


Tactical Campaign Promotions

When you need a team that is agile and responsive ready to activate your promotions and specials, you can count on us. We look after the full process, providing plans, recommendations and solutions right through to actions and reporting after your campaign finishes.

How we manage Google Adwords

1. AdWords Setup

We set you up with a brand new AdWords account using our wealth of experience and search engine expertise.


2. Monthly AdWords Management

Each month we manage your monthly Google AdWords spend. We optimise your spending parameters to generate:


3. Review, Analyse & Optimise

Using insights from each month, we fine-tune your next month’s spend to improve results that help grow your business.

120 100 80 Report

Get Comprehensive Google AdWords Management

  • AdWords Account Management
  • Keyword Refinement
  • CPC Bid Optimization
  • Conversion Growth
  • Ad Copy & Messaging Testing
  • Ad Extension Enhancement
  • Quality Score Improvement
  • Budget Management
  • Digital Integration Strategy
  • Monthly Reporting

Google AdWords vs SEO

Paid Search (SEM) vs
Organic Search (SEO)

Google Search is a vital channel for every website that wants to be found. Paid search ads come at a cost but can drive very fast and lucrative results. Organic search is a much slower paced solution but offers a powerful long-term solution for driving free traffic (if that sounds more appealing check out our SEO Services ). Both components are important for driving traffic but the best fit for your business should ultimately be the one that drives your marketing goals. We can assist you with this.

Dual SEM + SEO

We are careful to listen to our clients request to ensure the optimum search marketing strategy solution is driven. There are several advantages that can be achieved by running a dual strategy for your search results. Implemented correctly, you will enjoy much more in-depth insights, better click cost efficiencies, and more powerful SEO actions. Talk to us about a holistic approach and see if it’s a good solution for your business.

FAQS about Google AdWords Management


What is Google AdWords Management?

Because Google Search Ads are not a ‘set and forget’ marketing tactic, the ad account requires qualified personnel to frequently nurture it. Management responsibilities should cover aspects such as keyword optimisation, spend management and performance growth. Ads accounts that are not managed risk poor performance, unexpected results, and can easily waste precious marketing budgets.


How does Google AdWords Management work?

Google Ads Management is a process of taking a clients marketing objectives and continually translating them into Google Ads activities. Generally this is undertaken on an ongoing basis, which requires the continual refinement of keyword targeting, ad copy messaging and landing page experiences. These refinements are known as ‘optimisation’, which are carefully carried out by a skilled practitioner each month.


What are the Advantages of Google AdWords Management?

Having a skilled manager working on your account will help to grow your digital marketing objectives. Generally speaking, the practitioners goal is to reduce the cost of clicks, giving you increasingly more website traffic. Managed services also provide you with resource to update and change ads and targeting in an agile manner. A good manager will report on trends and insights, feeding opportunities back into your business.


How much does Google AdWords Management Cost?

Google AdWords management costs ultimately come down to how much time you want the manager(s) to spend on your account. Several models are used throughout the industry to help define the time and cost requirements:

  • Commission Based - fee is calculated on a percentage of your ad spend.
  • Retainer Based - a fixed set of hours within an agreed scope of work and responsibilities.
  • Performance Based - payment directly associated with click or conversion result.
  • Time Based - pay by the hour

Why choose us? One word:


Personal Contact

We prefer to meet in person and grow together in partnership. We offer specialist agency skillsets1-on-1 to help you build your business and stay ahead of your competitors.


Search Engine Marketing can be a confusing topic. We prefer to simplify and educate so you feel comfortable that you are getting the best possible return on where we invest your money.


We show you exactly what we’ve done, and explain our process thoroughly. Each month you’ll recieve a custom report, tailored to your business with valuable business insight and thoughtful feedback.

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