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31 Aug 2023 • 2 min read

$100K International Business Decision That You Can Learn From

Braden Dawson

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Expanding overseas? It's thrilling. It's promising. But it's not without its hurdles. Meet Ethan, who took the plunge into international waters with his meal replacement business. From unexpected costs to surprising customer insights, his journey is packed with lessons you can't afford to miss. Ready to uncover the secrets of successful international expansion? Dive in!

What Had You Wish You Had Known Before Expanding Overseas?

Ethan, a business owner from Wellington, embarked on an exciting journey by launching a meal replacement business, importing products from the Netherlands to Australia and New Zealand. But as with any venture into new territories, there were unexpected hurdles.

Cost of Labor and Distribution: Ethan's first major insight was the unexpected cost of labor and distribution. Utilizing a distributor in Australia, where the products were centered, proved to be expensive. Every order chipped away at the profit margins, costing around $20 for packaging and shipping. Ethan wished he had known this beforehand, as it might have led him to consider alternatives like Amazon or a local competitor.

Food Safety Regulations: Another significant challenge was the difference in food safety regulations between Europe and Australasia. Despite hiring a lawyer to ensure compliance, Ethan faced issues with the vitamin content in the products. This unexpected obstacle became a significant problem, and Ethan wished he had known more about it before launching.

What Did You Have to Learn Along the Way?

Ethan's journey was filled with learning experiences, especially when it came to understanding the market and the customers.

Informal Market Research: Ethan's initial market research was informal, based on personal experience as a consumer. While this gave him an advantage over competitors, he had to learn a lot along the way about the actual demographics buying the products. Surprisingly, wealthy professionals and fitness enthusiasts became key customer segments.

Understanding Customer Needs: Six months into the business, Ethan realized that understanding who would buy the products was a continuous learning process. The key was to keep track of sales and adapt to the changing needs and preferences of different demographics.

Biggest Piece of Advice for Businesses Expanding Internationally?

Ethan's journey offers valuable advice for anyone looking to expand their business into new markets.

Control What You Can: Ethan's biggest piece of advice is to have more control over different aspects of the business. Whether it's shipping products manually or ensuring that the supplier meets local regulations, having control can prevent unexpected costs and issues.

Negotiate Early: Before spending money, have discussions with suppliers about specific requirements. Ethan's hindsight revealed that foresight in negotiations could have prevented some of the challenges he faced.

Consider Logistics and Supply Chain: Ethan also emphasized the importance of having certainty around logistics and supply chain. A six to eight-week ship time from Europe led to frequent stockouts, turning potential customers away. A closer supplier or better management of the supply chain would have made a significant difference.

Potential Savings: Following this advice could save a business around 10% on every order, a substantial amount that could translate into "megabucks" in the long run.


Ethan's experience provides a rich tapestry of insights for businesses looking to expand overseas. From understanding the hidden costs of labor and distribution to the importance of control and foresight in negotiations, his journey is a testament to the value of learning and adapting.

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting your international expansion, Ethan's story offers practical advice that could save you time, money, and potential headaches. It's a reminder that while there are elements you can't prepare for, the more things you can control, the better your chances of success.

By sharing these insights, we hope to inspire and guide you on your own international business journey. If you have any questions or need expert assistance, feel free to reach out to us. We're here to help!

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